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About YEGPro Realty

YEGPro Realty is a local Real Estate Brokerage in Edmonton, AB who operates on integrity, embraces technology, creativity & innovation.

At YEGPro Realty, we foster an environment of excellence because it’s just not enough to have your name on a bus bench, or billboard, or sports arena anymore. People deserve customer service in a way that exceeds their expectations, every single time.

In a world where information is at your fingertips on your phone and for sale by owner temptations are everywhere, people are looking for something outside the ordinary, a better way.

Our boutique brokerage brings options to the table that were created with excellence and client-centric focus (you benefit) – a yardstick of quality.

With 100 years combined, and 1000’s of transactions to date (and counting), our group of agents, and more importantly, awesome people are changing the way buyers and sellers experience the most important transaction in their life.

We are here to serve you, let us know how we can help by visiting our contact page or calling us at 780-457-5657. Let Us Guide You Home!

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